Friday, October 23, 2009

Blogtober #23 ~ Scruffy

My Mum bought over a heap of fabric that she did not have a use for* so I put my thinking cap on and got busy. I made two scruffy edge quilts usuing THIS tutorial.

The top one pictured is made from mostly 'country kitchen' style fabrics. Possum loves pointing out the chickens, eggs, horses, houses etc. It is a busy quilt but the odd plain navy and plain pink sqaures help. I backed it in some fleece to keep it as a soft blanket and quilted it by sewing a sqaure around each block.

The bottom check quilt is waiting for backing fabric to finish it off. I really like the way this one ended up and can't wait to finish it off as well.

Do check out the link to the tutorial, it is very quick and easy and possum loves the scruffy edge to the squares. It would be a great place for a beginner sewer/quilter to start as well as being a great gift for a little person.

*I suspect this is how my wool stash grew so much as well...


  1. The riot of colour in the top one is fabulous.

  2. You make it sounds so easy and quick! They both look great.


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