Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blogtober #31 ~ The wrap up

What a month it has been. Blogotber is at an end for 2009 and I may now need to go into blogging hibernation for awhile. I did miss two days but made up for it by posting twice on two separate days so my end tally for the month looks good ;)

As promised on day one of Blogtoberfest I have drawn the giveaway I had running. The Random Number thingy picked number 3 which was Kylie. As mentioned in Kylie's comment, she is in the middle of moving interstate at the moment so I hope that is going well for her family :)

Kylie said...
Might have to go and check out what Blogtober fest is all about - A little down here at the moment. Thought that we were all organised for the move to QLD and found out YESTERDAY that we can not move out of the house that we were going to as the family are not moving out The fun starts again:(

I had so much fun over the last month blogging, reading comments and discovering new blogs that I thought I would have a further 'secret' giveaway and count the total number of comments not counting the ones down for the official giveaway and draw another name.
Just to say thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

I will be sending another pattern, and some fabric from my stash to CurlyPops who was number 71 of 95 comments at the time of drawing.

CurlyPops said...
The riot of colour in the top one is fabulous.

Thank you again, and I hope you keep stopping in to see what I am up to, but don't be surprised if I am curled up in the corner having a snooze for awhile after the frenzy of creativity that has been Blogtober for this year...


  1. Yah! Thanks so much for drawing me at random. How super exciting

  2. A nice strong cup of tea and a large lie down sounds the order of the day! (well done on the Blogtoberfest)...


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