Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blogtober #11 ~ Knitting

I have decided that instead of tripping over 1000 balls of wool about the house that I need to start using some of it. How I accumulated so much when I am a very new, and very basic knitter is beyond me...

The start of a PIF project. There is still one spot left if you want to put your name down!
(Excuse the grainy photograph)

I have also cast on a Milo Vest like THIS one that Kylie sent us. I am knitting on the round (for the first time) and this will also be my first go at a cable. Wish me luck!

The only problem with dabbling in so many hobbies is that it is hard to find the time to finish any of them :( I really need to keep working on the Doll Quilt for the EB swap AND I really want to piece the top of my quilt from the Chaletgirl block swap AS WELL AS read the second Steig Larsson novel that I picked up from the library yesterday...

edit 3:23pm: Woe is me, I have just noticed a twist in my vest so have to start again :(
Such is life for the inexperienced knitter, at least I had not done too much...


  1. I totally know what you mean!
    There is so much I want to do/try but can't due to lack of time.
    Which Steig book are you reading?? I just saw he has released a new one - tempting...

  2. Oh I hear you - there are stashes of everything in this house and craft in EVERY room:)

    Oppsy about the twist in the vest - glad you saw it before you did too much:)

  3. Good luck with the cable, Im not that game yet!

    And yes I agree with so may crafts there is just not enough hours in a day...or room in my house!

  4. It took me a few tries to get the knitting in the round thing going correctly.

    Good luck!


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