Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blogtober #7 ~ Cocktober

Ideas Hub idea #20 COCKTOBER (Roosters)

OK, I admit it, it's a hen, not a rooster! Our chooks are very quiet much to Miss Possum's delight. She can often be found running around the backyard either carrying, or chasing a chicken. This is Mabel, my favourite hen :)


  1. LOL! When I read your blog post header in my reading list I thought I must be a typo! Gorgeous Miss Possum with the chooky - so lucky to have them tame enough for a cuddle.

  2. Oh - how cute is she (both child and chook)

  3. Aren't chooks great fun at times!

    Ours are very tame too - but I'd advise against the rooster if you ever feel tempted. Ours was very lucky not to become rooster soup in his first week. He has calmed down a bit now thankfully, but not before Jack (2) named him 'Noisy' - think it is a name that suits!


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