Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Santa came to Playgroup today.  When he walked in Possum made a hasty retreat out the back door and hid around the corner.  We talked her out, once we found her.  

When asked if he wanted to say hello to Santa, Blue replied with "No thank you".  He is polite, even in his fear.  He did say "Thank you" to Santa when he was given lollies, even if he did avoid making eye contact.  I tried for a photo, but the tears started so I didn't push it.

Possum did warm to Santa and even moved in for a photo.  
She is so brave, especially when lollies are on offer! 

And then Santa and his helper jumped in the sled and drove off, complete with carols playing.  I love that we live in the kind of town where it is still ok that Santa jumps in the back of a trailer and drives off down the road while waving.


  1. lol, yes, where is his seatbelt ;). We have daycare party tomorrow and Santa usually comes, the girls aren't keen.

  2. Ella had a photo with Santa when she was 2 weeks old. She didnt cry. That was the first and last time she had a photo. When she was one, she was so frightened, when she was two she couldnt cope with him even being near her. She is OK now, but I have given up, why torment them. With Harry, I havent even bothered. No Santa photos for him.


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