Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Finished, mostly.

I LOVE this quilt that I have been working on as a part of the medallion quilt-a-long..  I have loved watching it grow each month with each new round built around the centre medallion.  Triangles, squares, appliqué, circles.  I wish I had just a little bit more fabric for the final round which will be announced soon, but my layer cake will only stretch so far so I have to call it quits with this round instead. 

It is quite large which makes it hard to get a good photo of the whole thing.  I have my backing fabric ready, and I had said I would make a pieced back, but in the name of keeping it simple I may change my mind.  

I didn't really blog these when I made them, Possum's Christmas dress and Blue's Christmas shirt.  They have been worn for Christmas and the Santa photo and I am pretty happy with them.  The dress is a Make it Perfect cupcake dress that I whipped up the day we decided to head to town to visit Santa.  I love a quick project and so does Possum as she said 'wow, you finished something on the same day you started it', not my usual style for sewing!

I also finished a couple of very quick knits, both dishcloths.
I don't feel like I have been very crafty of late, but a few projects have been completed which feels good.  I just have to quilt the medallion quilt and I will be happy.


  1. I love your makes and the quilt top looks fantastic

  2. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, that quilt is AMAZING!!!!!!! Wow. How on earth will you quilt it? x

  3. It looks fantastic!! How big is it?


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