Monday, December 19, 2011


Happy fourth birthday Possum.  

There is no denying that you are smart, and kind and beautiful.  There is also no denying you like to try to rule the house.  You are so clever that I sometimes feel that even at four, you get the best of me.

You love a joke, and you love to tell stories about everything.  You are almost never silent.  You love craft, and are getting very good at drawing.  You can read some words now and you are good at writing your name.  It won't be long and you will be reading simple books yourself.

For the past couple of months you have had an imaginary friend 'Lucy'. You tell me she is 5 and knows a lot about almost everything.  You love Pre-school, Playgroup, music lessons and Little Athletics and swimming lessons; sometimes Lucy comes along too.

Your favourite colour is red, you think this makes it a girl colour and that you own everything if it happens to be red, even if it is your brothers balloon.  You still love Charlie and Lola, but now we can add The Octonauts to the list of preferred TV viewing.  You don't have any one favourite book, you just love reading and don't mind which book it is being read at any given time.

May this year be as good as the ones we have shared so far.
We love you.


  1. Happy Birthday Possum! Hope you have a grat day! You look soooooo gorwn up in that last photo!

  2. Happy Birthday Boffer, may you grow up to be as lovely as your Mummy ;)

  3. A very happy birthday to my favorite little Boffer. Lots of love from awesome uncle Brad.


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