Thursday, December 15, 2011

Early Childhood Music

Today the children had their last day of early childhood music classes.  Next year Possum moves into group piano. Blue will have some time off, I feel guilty about this, but he is going through a 'no' stage.  It is tiring.  I am telling myself that a part of being a good parent is providing as many opportunities as you can, but also in knowing when your child is not ready.  Blue has enjoyed it, but he started younger than Possum so he still has time to take 12 months off and then start again at pre-school age.

excuse the dodgy editing of names on the certificates

I cannot say enough good things about early childhood music programmes.  They are wonderful and the children have fun while learning in an interactive environment.  It helps that we have a wonderful teacher here, the children love her.  

We bought Brookie a cabaza as a thank you/Christmas gift.  She uses a lot of different instruments and sounds in her early childhood music classes so we thought this might be a useful addition.  Possum is booked in for a theatre workshop at the Conservatorium in the New Year.  She can't wait!

A very bad photo of Possum's class

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