Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Letters to Santa

I have been a bit slack in Blogging our Advent activities, but we have been doing various things.  We wrote letters to Santa via Australia Post.  We printed off the letter template to colour in and then I posted* them off.

Possum was a little worried when I couldn't read hers, but thankfully Santa is a little more magical than I am and I am sure he will manage well enough.

And now we await a reply!

*I really wanted to keep these, but thought it might raise too many questions :(


  1. We sent those very same coloured-in letters off last week! Well, Punk's was coloured in lol.

    Did you see the personalised email videos from Santa I posted on fb? SO, SO, SO GREAT.

  2. Scan them onto the pc and hide them. Or take photos!

  3. I've kept Tooth Fairy letters and Easter Bunny, they are too cute no to keep!


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