Friday, December 23, 2011

I say, I hear

Blue on eating a biscuit shape: 'It's a pentagon' 
It was a hexagon actually, but he was close.

Blue after seeing a picture of the Veggietales:
'It is a vegemite!'

Possum: 'I am not octurnital because I like to sleep at night'.

Possum: 'The vomitable snowman should not eat reindeer'

Possum on her flower shop game: 'I need more custmeters'.

Possum: 'We caught wombles'
ok, she really meant to say 'cooked rum balls' but the Mr and I both heard wombles...

Possum on her 4th birthday: '..and next year I will be five!'
Looking forward, a full 12 months forward.

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