Monday, December 12, 2011


You know you are busy when you draw your Blogtoberfest give away, and then forget to email the very nice person who won to tell them.  And when you finally remember last week you email and beg forgiveness and pretend that it was always meant to be a Christmas gift, even if it wasn't.

And then you forget to post it again... I may need a new excuse, or maybe I should tie a piece of sting around my finger? I am so SORRY for being this *hopeless!

And I have had great things happen that would be well worth blogging, if I wasn't too busy for blogging:

  • I had a birthday
  • I got two Credits and a High Distinction for last semesters uni results. Yay!
  • I read a whole book, and it was fiction 
  • We went bouldering
  • There was a road trip with friends
  • Gifts sent, and received
One of these days it will stop raining and I will take photos of things to blog.  I might also remember to go to the post office...

*Can someone please remind me at the end of the week in case I forget again?


  1. Hee hee! There's no hurry... Christmas, New Year, Easter, any time will do ;-)

  2. Oh were you sending it to Juliet, she's so lovely, lucky girl. Yes, time disappears & i only get things done as our local shops next to school have everything, one car space, old fashioned small shops, PO, chemist, dry cleaner, newsagent, bakery, supermarket etc, it's brilliant.
    Huge congratulations on your Uni results, well done. Love Posei


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