Monday, November 15, 2010

Beach Break

We managed to escape on a mini holiday when the Mr's work took him close to the coast.  We beat the summer holiday rush with it's peak rates and had a great time.  We stayed at Arakoon State Recreation Park right next door to South West Rocks.  Our tent site cost us $27 per night (off peak rate) and we were nestled in below Trial Bay Gaol, which was a fantastic wind break.  We were also less than 100 metres from the beach.

The kids loved the beach and had a great time playing in the sand, building, and squashing sand castles and drawing pictures.  The water was a hit too once they had built up enough confidence to tackle it.

We took in some of the local sights, managed to pick up some goodies at the markets and ate fish and chips for lunch.  We ate BBQ tea that we cooked on the beach and sat and ate overlooking the bay.

The Mr managed a Bear Grylls moment of glory when he used his flint to light the fire to cook our tea.  I am not sure which one of us had the bigger grin, in my defence, I was hungry...

It is a great spot for a family holiday, and we will be going back.


  1. What a perfect spot! Love the shot of your campsite. I am always on the lookout for somewhere new to explore and this one is now on the list.

  2. South West Rocks/ Arakoon is a wonderful little corner of the world. I love the sunsets over the ocean.

  3. That is one of my fave camping spots. How lovely!

  4. oh I love sth west rocks! We stayed at the big 4 caravan park. Did you do the lighthouse?

  5. We have to go camping together next year:) Lets plan for it:)

    LOL at the flint and smiles:) Would you believe that the first time we went camping this year we had no match and no flint LOL - lucky we had the gas stove with a prestarter or we would have been up the creek:)

    Looks like you all had a great weekend - yay to excaping the rat race of the crowds and yay to cheap family holidays.


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