Tuesday, November 23, 2010

At my House

At My House we are starting to enjoy our hard work in the garden.  Beans mingle on fences behind roses and bulbs in garden beds that didn't exist when me moved in.  Grass is starting to become lawn, but it does need spraying again now to keep on top of the weeds.

BBQ season has arrived with the warmer weather and longer days and it is lovely to spend some quiet time outside of an evening before turning in for the day.  

We have been busy, but you can see the difference we have made and we are having fun turning this space of ours into our home.


  1. Longer days are the best. Long live daylight saving. What lovely garden to be spending long afternoons in.

  2. Looking good! We might say we don't need any more rain, but it has certainly helped our gardens.

  3. What a difference a few months have made - well doen - you will not recognise the place in a year:)

  4. It looks like a very nice reminder of all of the hard work you have put in. Gardens and flowers and vegies and herbs really do help with a good mood, don't they? Juts like balmy evening BBQ's. Sounds lovely at your house! Lou.

  5. So strange to work down the At My House list and have one blog talk about Christmas and the next one talk about BBQ's! Being from the UK they don't really go together at all...

    Thanks for sharing your story.


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