Thursday, November 25, 2010


The handsome one of the house. 
He is our quiet achiever, mostly happy and easy going.

Blue loves being outside and has discovered he can climb out over the gate in the front yard.
I will be out there today twitching some chicken netting on the inside to stop him getting a toe hold.  He wont like this and may chuck a rare and short lived tantrum, just once, to let me know he is unhappy, then he will move on and forget about it, he is that kind of boy.

I love his blonde curls at the back of his neck.  He has avoided a haircut so far because of those curls and I get a little surprise when I wash his hair and discover it is on his shoulders.

He is wonderful.


  1. There is nothing cuter than those first curls is there! He sounds like a delighful ittle man!

    Nic xxx

  2. THere is nothing cuter than blonde curls - keep them as long as you can:) Baden only had his first proper hair cut last week at almost 3:)

  3. He is adorable and looks like a happy go lucky little man :)


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