Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Refashion

My jeans gave out on me (drat) so I decided to turn them into another demin skirt for Possum. 

I love quick, no pattern needed sewing.  I also love that this was essentially a free skirt.
I added some ribbon detail and love the fact that it is already hemmed for me.

These photos show the skirt after Possum had worn it all day.  Excuse the wrinkles :)
She loved it, which makes it very satisfying, especially if I am not looking too closely into why the zip gave out in my pants in the first place...


  1. What a cute skirt - I love the ribbon details you added :)

  2. Oh my! How cute is that little footprint ribbon!!! Adorable.
    Loving your refashioned skirt very very much. YAY!

  3. Love the ribbon - well done and it is always nice when they love something you make for them isn't it:)


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