Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day Care

Today, for the first time, both Possum and Blue went to Day Care.

They were happy to go.  Not even sad when I said I wouldn't be staying.  Possum said it was alright for me to leave 'because Mums always come back for their kids later'.  I am glad I have two happy and confident little people, even if it made me cry a little too.

They had a fun couple of hours and sang songs the whole way home together.  They are already talking about 'next time' and planning 'adventures' with their new back packs.  They are adorable together!


  1. i would have cried too!
    such a gorgeous pic, you really have the cutest little people!

  2. How fantastic that they had a wonderful adventure. I always enjoy listening to my children talk about what they did in their day... and often have to raise an eyebrow :)

  3. Your Possum is a wise young lady! We do always go back for them and they do seem to have a lovely time - even if it breaks our hearts to leave them in the first place.


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