Monday, September 19, 2011

New Things

I have pinned the small boy's wonky log cabin quilt, but instead of quilting it right away I am thinking about starting a couple of new things.

At the recent craft camp I was given a magazine that contained this scrappy friendship star quilt.  It seems like a good way to use my scraps, of which I have MANY, so I am going to give it a go.  It could be a good way to stash bust and clean out the cupboard too...  I plan on leaving off the buttons, and maybe making it a bit bigger, but will see if I get sick of cutting by then before making a final choice on size!

Some of the scraps and FQ I will use in the quilt.  I need to cut out about 600 different 3" or smaller squares, and that is before I even think about enlarging it!

While I was searching through friend activity on Flickr I stumbled across a medallion quilt-a-long.  I decided that given I already had the medallion from Prints Charming that I bought during Sew it Together in Sydney, and I already had stashed some coordinating fabrics, I should sign up.

Part 1 of the medallion quilt-a-long is triangles so I have to think of what I am going to do and play catch up ready for the next round, but I have time and this should be fun.


  1. A medallion quilt sounds fabulous.

    ... and I too need to do some stash busting... mmmm... your sewing seeds into my mind. Thanks.

  2. I love the Prints charming medallion. I bought one at SIT and have another 3 on their way. Can't wait to see what you do with yours.

  3. You've inspired me to sign up for the quilt along! I feel like making a quilt with my stash fabrics (I know! DON'T FALL OVER) instead of buying new fabrics for a change! I can do this!


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