Monday, September 12, 2011

Camp Weekend

I just got back from a weekend away at camp with a group of lovely ladies and good friends I met through knitting.  I packed my sewing machine and a heap of quilting supplies and hit the road.  I thought it was ironic that I packed the iron to take away for the weekend when I don't use it here, but given I didn't use it there either it was more typical than ironic.

The camp was held at Lake Keepit and it is a great spot for such a thing.  It was VERY cold on the Friday and Saturday but thankfully Sunday was a lovely day.

I took my 31 blocks that where made during Round 1 of Around the Block.  I love these wonky log cabins but I had not made any myself until this weekend.  I made another 23 blocks to finish the quilt top to size and got it all pieced, photos of that to come later.  Special Thanks to Ellie who made a couple of these blocks for me over the weekend.

I ate so much great food.  Also so much junk food.  There is a melting moment in the photo above as made by Mandy.  They are perfect, it feels wrong to call it a biscuit as it really is baking at it's best.  I also ate 2 packets of Tim Tams, a large bag of chips, M&M's and plenty of coffee.  Today starts my detox I think!

I also took my 9 patch quilt from the Chaletgirl Block Swap.  That really was AGES ago but I am happy to report that it is now quilted and as of last night the binding has been machine sewn on so a few nights in front of the telly hand stitching should see that done.  HURRAH!!

What a great weekend!  I am already looking forward to next year as I had a great time laughing and got a lot done.  It was wonderful all round.


  1. Hooray for lovely craft weekends with friends! Looks like you were really productive.

  2. Looks like a great weekend! Well done on finishing your 9patch - mine's still waiting....


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