Monday, September 5, 2011

Father's Day

We didn't do anything too exciting for Father's Day this year.  Handmade cards were exchanged and a promise of help to line the workshop was given as a gift.  Nothing fancy, but all welcome.  The Mr didn't waste any time in getting started in the workshop either.  One wall is lined and the shelves are going up already.

We did pack a picnic and went down to the creek for some fun. 
The children LOVE picnics, or pic-a-nics as Blue calls them. 

The children both spent a large amount of time tossing rocks into the water while listening to the frogs croak.  I love the clear water, which is lucky because it is the same water we pump into the house tank. 

It was a lovely way to spend some time together in the quiet of our own paddock.

And special thanks to Gem.  I take back anything bad I may have said about you after you chewed something you shouldn't or dug a new hole in my yard.  This black snake was 10 meters away from our picnic site, but Gem woofed and growled while backing up to let us know it was there and we kept an eye on it until it moved along.  It was a good lesson for the children because you can drill them on what to do if you see a snake but actually seeing one does cement the lesson.


  1. Any tadpoles? Used to love going hunting for tadpoles when camping....haha, word verification is 'redogg', seems appropriate somehow!

  2. It looks so beautiful and serene down at your creek. What a great dog you have to protect you all so well, I think I would have been frozen had I seen the black snake.


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