Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday School

Once a month this tiny Church opens it's doors.  There is a Sunday School for the children and there are always twice as many children as adults running about.  It is nice and family friendly. 

Did you know neither of my children have been Christened? Moving and renovating got in the way when both were small.  They will be Christened soon, right in this small church, just 1km from home. 


  1. What a shame it is only open once a month..the building is beautiful and what goes on in it is just as beautiful.

  2. :) such a sweet little church with real country charm. I am glad that you have found a place of worship and so close to home. My two were christened when they were babes - Amelia in the family church of Tim's family and Baden in Wagga (he was only two weeks old:) How sweet to be having them done at the same time.

  3. I remember Sunday School when I was little, fun and games, a real family affair! How wonderful that you have found such a special place so close to home.

  4. Hi Bec,

    I, in a time long past, had a talk with DW re: Country v City, neither would agree the other could be better. Times change, I would now adore a little space, a view, a quiet place such as you & CW are able to enjoy so would the good old uncle.
    Love the church, enjoy.
    KB xx


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