Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kitchener Stitch

I am nearly up to joining the shoulder seams on my Abalone cardigan!  And thanks to videos such as this found on YouTube I know I can do it, Hurrah!  This knit is going to be the BEST thing I have made yet, and it is for me!  Am I excited*?  You bet! 

I have another quiet night of knitting planned this evening!

Dunks on Ravelry linked this easy graft tutorial as another way to do it too.

*I am not excited about the miles of garter border or picking up 1 million stitches so I can do it, but you can't have everything, and I will be excited to be able to wear it.


  1. Hey! recently found your blog its great to read... i am knitting an Abalone too (a friend showed the pattern to me) and am nearly up to splitting for the arm holes, my first ever "big" project and its for me yay! cant wait to see how you get on with the edging it looks like a mammoth task, but it is surprising how fast it knits up am loving it so far! looking forward to seeing your progress..... :o)

  2. Love love love Kitchener. You will be knitting socks before you know it. Gooduck with picking up the stitches. Make a crochet hook your friend when picking up stitches

  3. Where would we all be without YouTube to help us with our knitting and crochet?


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