Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rainy Day

Possum loves this pink Charlie and Lola umbrella she was given last Christmas.  A rainy day is more fun when you can go outside.  Blue had a turn too, but I think he needs to work on his technique...


  1. :) I think Blue would get rather wet with his existing technique:) LOL - too cute:) I am not a fan of the show - but the umbrella is cute.

  2. We had a Charlie & Lola umbrella here too but it dieded... ;)

    It wasn't pink though! (No need to show this to Le Punk...)

  3. I actually love seeing adults borrowing their children's umbrellas - always makes me giggle. I got caught out once at a very fancy function, had to walk through puddles holding my shoes, the car park was flooded & i was carrying a dinosaur umbrella, which i had to 'check in' & let's just say, i made an entrance!!


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