Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Creative Space ~ Abalone

Yesterday in between sipping a Latte and eating Vanilla slice at Playgroup (I love Playgroup!) I finished sewing the ends in on the Abalone cardigan I have been knitting.  I don't like sewing ends in so had been putting it off but I want to take it to Sydney with me for the weekend so had to get it done.

I really loved this pattern.  It was interesting enough that i didn't get bored with miles of stocking stitch and the wool is Malabrigo worsted which is just perfect!  I am going to enjoy wearing this a lot.

I liked this wool so much that as soon as I cast off this cardigan I knit myself a beanie seen here on Possum.

The pattern is Abalone found free on Ravelry, or here for the non Ravelers.

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  1. lovely yarn, your cardie is looking good

  2. gorgeous cardi! Love it - and the wool looks beautiful!

  3. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!!!
    It looks stunning.
    I love that wool.
    PLEASE let us see what it looks like on.

  4. It looks amazing - great job. I love the yarn - versitile in colour and texture so you can wear it with pretty much anything! Bet this cardie makes you smile :)

  5. It looks great in real life too! So wonderful to meet you this weekend.

  6. Where did you SIT post go?? Mine wouldn't upload with images so leaving it another day. So gorgeous to meet you in real life Becky, yippee, love Posie

  7. It looked so lovely on - and was very soft too Becky.
    Very, very nice to finally meet you on the weekend - looking forward to 2012 already.

  8. It looked great on you on the weekend! Thanks for bunking in!
    Take care


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