Sunday, March 6, 2011

Flea Market Finds #6

I don't have anything to show from a recent trip, but two of my favourite things from last year instead.  I decided that they deserved a mention because they are both wonderful.

The old phone. 

The children love playing with this (hence the grubby prints) and it is plugged in upstairs.  It is nice to know that in a blackout this phone still has us covered!  I found it at a church fair and I love it a lot.  Even better was the $2 price tag.  A real bargain I think.

And my kit bag.  A $3 pick up in my local small town op-shop.
This is a wonderful bag and I use it all time, for storage, and for crafty getaways too.

More Flea market finds here :)


  1. No wonder they're faves, they rock! I luffs old phones & if 3 make a collection, I have a collection... ;)

    Also have a bag like that I keep various odds & sodds in in the craft area, we really should op together sometime, it would make for some interesting... compromises...

  2. Oh yes, aren't we all suckers in a black out when the portable hand sets go??!! Damn modern life.
    The doctor's bag is amazing, lucky you, way to spend your dollars. Love Posie

  3. Hey! Again you have found my old stuff - how does it make it's way up to you, I have no idea. We had that exact phone - and I swear that is my father's bag. I know I have a photo of me sitting it - I'll see if I can fish it out!!!

  4. Both good ones - classics and useful - perfect!

  5. I love the rotary dial phone. I remember, when I was young, we had one and I used to see how fast I could dial a number on it. Love that! Also, the picture of the old doc's bag looks like the bag has a smile face on it the way that the handle buckles and handle hang down. Adorable!

  6. the bag is a stunner, i love looking at it, really.

  7. I am so impressed (and more than a little envious!)... both the phone and bag are lovely!

  8. Super finds! I am just a little bit sad that we all don't still have phones like that one. They are just so much prettier than modern ones. x


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