Friday, March 11, 2011


Both of my babies are sick.  It would happen as we were home alone last night.  By 1am I had lost track of who had woken when and which way was up.  I am normally long asleep by that stage.  Possum ended up spending the night in my bed, tossing, crying.  They are both feeling bad today too but night is worse.

My house is messy, terrible. Shamefully like a bomb went off.  I need to make a start but it is hard when babies need cuddles and books and baby vicks.

I hope they are back to smiles and laughs soon.

edit:  I took this photo the other day.  We went to town to buy a replacement printer for work and I came home with a new lens and bread machine too!


  1. Oh no, you poor thing! Don't worry about the house being messy - these things happen. I hope the little ones are feeling better soon!

  2. Whoa! That's some good shopping. I hope your babies let you sleep tonight, poor possums

  3. Hope your weekend gets better and wellness returns soon.

  4. Hugs my dear - little sick ones are no fun. Hoping that they are on the mend soon and you have managed to get some rest too.

    A new bread maker and lens you lucky duck:) I have my eye on a Theromix - might have to work out how to sell things on Ebay and sell a few things so I can help save for it.


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