Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A package landed.

I got a parcel today from Jane.  It included this FANTASTIC pincushion which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
I really wish I could crochet, but I don't seem to have much talent for it...

As if the wonderful pincushion wasn't enough, there were other goodies too!  I love the cotton twine and the spoons remade into garden markers.  I think I will have to knit a couple more beanies for Possum so I can use the cute flowers too.

In action with my mint.

My sent pincushion has landed with Kristi.  She has such a beautiful blog which I find both relaxing and inspiring, her photography is wonderful.  Go and have a look and say hello, I bet you stay awhile :)


It was a great week for mail here, I received another package which was a surprise that I will have to blog later in the week.  I have been such a slack blogger of late I had best spread the posts out rather than cover everything tonight :)


  1. omgoodness, you lucky thing! that pin cushion is so cute, and I LOVE the repurposed spoons (did she make them herself? ohh they would be so cool in my herb pots - mmmmmmm I wonder if I could make them - mental note to add that to the massive to try list LOL)

    Nic xxx

  2. Love those spoons!

    Expect another package int ehmail soon-ish!

  3. How supercute is that pincushion! I'm fascinated by people who can crochet. I don't get it either.

  4. oh, yay- glad you like it!! For some reason crochet comes alot easier to me than knitting!
    the spoons (looks so at home in your mint) are made by my hubby Alister- he was retrenched awhile ago and this is something i came up with to keep him busy...fortunately he is starting to work as a driver too now- and the twine is handspun by me on my 'new' op shop bargain spinning wheel

    so happy to hear that the parcel has landed!

  5. What a sweet pin cushion. Delicious! Lucky you.

  6. You are so sweet, I am blushing over here, thanks for the kind words about my little blog. I am glad you received such a special package. Love that cupcake. I am waiting for my partner to receive her package(she has been on holiday) then I'll post about the swap.

  7. Love the pincushion, wish I could crochet too! Those garden markers look great from the repurposed spoons dont they. Your little flowers will look gorgeous on some handmade hats too!

  8. i so wish I could crochet!
    that is lovely & delicious.

  9. wow i LOVE those spoons.
    *searching for them on google now...*

  10. Yay! I was lucky enough to recieve the same package from Miss Jane and am also thrilled to bis with all the goodies. Thanks heaps for playing Becky.


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