Sunday, April 25, 2010

Catching up

I am behind, I feel like everything has been put on hold while we wait... 
We have been looking at a 30 acre block with a colonial home, sheep and a few cows, fruit trees, a creek and a well, even a resident possum who likes to raid the grape vines on the front verandah.

It feels like it would be just right to have us living there.  We have had the building and pest reports done and are seeing the solicitor on Tuesday.  I hope everything is ok with the contract because I would really like to be able to breath properly again.

I have been knitting away over the last month.  The sewing machine had a brief outing while I did the Free Motion Quilting on a single bed quilt Mum made for Dad's swag.  I didn't take a photo which was a bit silly of me because I did a really good job :)

I have been using my Bendigo cotton to knit up some more Dish Cloths.  The kids have been using these in the bath and really like them.  I have not used them in the kitchen, maybe one day just to see how they hold up in there...

I have turned some of my Handspun into a tea cosy which I think looks pretty good.  I have had a few compliments too which always makes you feel good.

I have been knititng a jumper for Baby Blue, and after running out of wool, and being gifted enough to finish it by a kind fellow Raveler I thought my dramas were over.

Alas!  It does NOT fit :(  I cried, real on the bed sobbing stuff too! 
Mum is going to come over and help me modify the neck band to include a tab and a couple of buttons because it is his big head that is the problem, the rest is good.

I picked a V Neck pattern so this would not happen but the opening is just so tiny.  Baby blue is 8.5 months old the the pattern size was for a 1-2years.  Go figure...

I made a felted bag too.  It ended up at just the right size to slip in 4 Vacola #20 jars and I have all my metric knititng needles sorted and on display.  It has me organised and looks great!  I am going to make another one for my metric needles too.  I have a lot of knitting needles with some from the Mr's Nan and Aunty Betty as well as my Grandmother's.  One day I will get Mum's* and it will be like hitting the pay load.  Maybe I should make two new bags?

I am only 4 rows off finishing a Milo Vest in a size 2 for Possum, then Baby Blue to grow into, which wont take him long, so there will be another knitting related post soon.  One of these days I will unpack the sewing machine again, even if all I manage to do is the quilting bee blocks that I am almost behind with...

* Mum, I know you are not ready to be bumped off the perch for a good while yet.  I was just kidding!


  1. Your tea cozy looks so cute, what pattern did you use for it. Your little sweater looks very nice too, and I know all about the drama of having a son with a big head and having to put a buttoned tab at the side. I just decided in the end to knit buttoned jackets for him instead. Now he never wears any handknits (being 16 does that) so I hope one day he will want some when he is an adult. I hope all goes well with the contract for the house, it sounds so wonderful.

  2. It all loks fantastic! Ive got everything crossed for you that everything goes through smoothily with the house, it sounds perfect.

    I LOVE the felted bag. Did you folow a tutorial or anything? Otherwise could you do one when you make the next one? (pretty please!)

    NIc xxx

  3. please excuse my terrible typing errors in the last comment!

  4. FIngers crossed for you on Tuesday - ope that this is the ONE for you.

    All of your knitting looks great - sorry to hear that the vest doesnt fit:( Boys and there big heads!

    Love the comment to your mum:)

  5. It seems that you've been wonderfully busy!
    Good luck with the house. I just bought one and it certainly had me frazzled.


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