Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crochet Capers!

Not one of my proudest moments, but I had my first attempt at crochet the other day, as evidenced by the blue blob on the upper left of the photo below... It was at this point that I developed a headache and left the knitting meeting in shame ;)

My second attempt went a little better, even if still not very good. That is the green concoction in the photo... I was just making a daisy chain and working my way around.

It is hard to work out how to hold the yarn, my tension was awful! I will keep trying as one day I would like to churn out a few Granny Squares as seen everywhere at the moment in Blogs, magazines and books.

If at first you don't succeed...
Lucky my knitting is slightly better :)


  1. Well done! You should have seen my attempt - lol! I am sticking to knitting too . . . until I find someone to teach me crochet.

  2. Cute blue blob!
    I'm determined to master crochet one day ... It's just not going to be today!!!

  3. Try and try again - you dont actually have to hold the yarn very tight with crochet - the losser the better!

  4. Well done for starting a new craft. It is so much easier to stick with what you know. And just imagine how you'll laugh at these first attempts when you're crocheting up a fancy blanket!

  5. Looks pretty darn good to me ;) keep on practicing and look on the bright side, you can always frog it and start over!

  6. Well done you ! Cross-crafting is really difficult between knitting and crocheting - everything seeems to be on the wrong hand!


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