Monday, April 12, 2010

27 Months

I know that 27 months is not a typical milestone moment to record, but the small girl is growing up so quickly and small things are forgotten when not recorded.

You love dressing up and have a big imagination. 
You will wrap your pink blanket around yourself and call it a dress, then say you are a princess.  The same blanket bunched under your chin makes you Santa with a big beard.  You still love that blanket and sleep with it ALL the time.

You love Play School and Charlie and Lola.  If Grandpa in My Pocket comes on you will cry and ask me to turn the T.V off.  I don't blame you ;) 

You sleep with a pile of books which you read to yourself  before bed.  We know what book you are reading because we can hear it throughout the house, for example,  'Cat in Hat waaa waaa waaa waaa waaaaaa!'  It always ends with the waa waa portion.

You chatter all day and mostly we understand you very well.  You can't say your name quite right and call yourself Boffer,  you call your brother Ee-argh.

You don't like things that are 'Moisey'. 
You love the park and shopping. 
You are 'Meshy' and tell me 'Mum clean it up'.
You have discovered the word 'Later'.  If we say no to something you always reply with 'later?'.

Some cute words are:
Hossis = Office
Bishkits = Biscuits
Octpoof = Octopus

We love you.


  1. What a lovely post! You are right - if you don't record these things you forget them - and they are such lovely memories.

  2. Beautiful - love hearing about the little things! You are so right, the things that seem important one day, and such an integral part of their personalities are soon replaced by something else, and often forgotten.

    I love looking back over my monthly letters to Isaac & Jazz - I just wish I had written them to my older boys!

    Nic xxx

  3. Oh 27 months - arent our two little ones just growing too fast:)
    Amelia loves Grandpa in my Posket (although she is a little older and C and L are banned in this house - behavour after it for weeks of watching one show to her brother is shocking!)

  4. This is one of the reasons I love having a blog. I think that years from now when most of these things we write about are forgotten, we can visit them and in such a special way. Happy 27 months celebrating to you.

  5. Most excellent reasons (treasures) for a 27 month celebration. With chocolate. Which will no doubt be meshy.

  6. I'm all teary! How did she get to be so grown up? She's so gorgeous. What a blessing to your lives.

    And TIl's in full agreement about 'Granpa...'. Nauseating, isn't it.


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