Friday, August 21, 2009

Spending in the name of craft

I have been busy lately, not creating as such, but spending $$ in the name of craftiness instead ;) In addition to the below SIX new patterns I also have TEN yards of fabric AND another O+S pattern (Sandbox Pants) on it's way to me!

I also bought EQ6, not that I know ho to use it yet, I am still navigating the menus and 'playing' with it. I thought that as I had signed up for a Quilting Bee I had better get myself some help before my bumbly quilter status was too apparent.

To help justify all my purchases from the last week, I have raided my stash and have 5 Make it Perfect Lazy Days Hats cut out and ready to sew.

But before I do any more I must sew my Round Robin block swap blocks before I am further behind. They are cut out ready to sew so this won't be too big an undertaking.

And someone PLEASE hide my credit card...


  1. LOL - whenever I can't get to my crafting, I always spend up big... makes me feel connected I think!

  2. Spending money is all about preparation for creativity - very necessary! BTW, I define cutting stuff out as very productive creativity, as that's my biggest stumbling block at the moment. Cutting terrifies me, so once that's done the rest is easier. Kind of. And the fact that you've cut more than one - amazing with a new baby :-)

  3. Looks like some gorgeousness coming up for Miss Possum with those fab patterns. Good to see life is settling into your new "normal" and you are finding some time to do things for you.

  4. Lovely hats cut out - did you hide the 5th? Or can I just not count? I'm with dillpickle, cutting definitely counts as actual creativity. I've been beavering away and will be sending stuff up north on Monday. Could you let me know when it arrives so I can blog the photos?


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