Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Busy Beavers

I no sooner get out of hospital ready for a relaxing weekend when Miss Possum wakes up sick, very sick... Poor little one needed lots of cuddles and couldn't sleep lying down which did not allow for a restful couple of days.

While sitting up on a late shift at 1am on Sunday morning waiting for Possum's fever to break I decided that some quick and simple sewing project was in order.

I chose a Tag Monster as something different because I had everything I needed in my stash of goodies. I was a bit lazy with the hand stitching sections and played with some decorative machine options instead but I think it all worked well enough.

A friend sent me a package for the new bub and there were some great bibs in there from 'Cotton on kids'. I decided that I could make my own so I now have a production line of 18 bibs on the go. It is a great way to use up two old bath sheets for the terry backing and some remnants and off cuts that I already had for the fronts. I am using the decorative band from the towel ends as the button bands.

While we were house bound and sewing Sam was outside keeping an eye on things for us... Our chooks are doing very well and laying three eggs a day which is more than we need so have been cooking a lot of late. No need to panic, Sam may look hungry but the chooks are very good at chasing her away when they are sick of her.

I am posting my apologies here, I have not been as good as I would like about replying to comments, and visiting Blogs with everything else that has been going on, but I am trying, and I will get there again soon :)


  1. Would you rest dear - you make me tired just reading what you get up too. (but I have been told by a reliable source that you are being a good girl this time around - mowing lawns last time I hear - I guess a girl has to do what a girl has to do!)

    Take care and I hope that Miss G is on the mend soon

  2. What an amazing lot of things you've been up to! I hope you get some down time soon, and that poor Miss Possum is getting better.

  3. Oh, poor wee'un. Not a comfortable way to spend a night for anyone. I hope that fever has stayed broken. Give her kisses and cuddles from Tilly and me.

  4. I love that taggie monster! Great idea and looks cute too.

  5. that taggie monster is gorgeous!!

  6. The tag monster is fantastic. Another one to bookmark for new bubba's! Get some rest, not long to go now.

  7. I love your taggie monster. My Cameron would love him as she just loves the tags on her teddies. I don't know how you find the time and energy to make something like this (or the bibs for that matter) from start to finish in one day! I have soooo many unfinished items, it's just crazy.
    I hope your little one is feeling better by now. Best wishes, Kylie x


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