Monday, July 6, 2009

New Stuff

Last night Miss Possum spent her first night sleeping in a 'big' bed. This makes way for the new baby to move into the smaller room with the cot shortly.

Her first night went well as I only had to put her back into bed once before she fell asleep as usual. Her lunch time sleep today was a little harder because Possum just wanted to play rather than sleep, but she eventually got there.

I snuck in today after Miss fell asleep to snap a photo :) Have you ever seen so many different pink stripe articles in the one photo?! Her shirt under the jumper is different again, but if I sleep in and Dad dresses the child I cannot argue (or leave the house...).

I now need to urgently make her a quilt for her bed, which has been on my 'to do' list for ages. I think I will use my Vintage Sheet FQ and make a simple coin quilt as a short term solution.

The other change in our house today is the addition of THREE Isa Browns!! All are settling in well and are nice and quiet and not worried by small children and kelpies who keep peering in their chook run to check things out.

They are 'point of lay' so it won't be long before we are reaping the rewards of chook ownership in the kitchen!

My brother has named one 'Chicken Chook' after a childhood pet chook he had many moons ago. I think I like the name Mabel for one but am waiting until I can tell them apart before putting too much thought into it :)


  1. Go Miss Possum!
    How exciting that it is all so close :-)

  2. Gorgeous pic of Miss Possum, don't they look so tiny in a big bed! And a coin quilt would be lovely for the bed : ) We are hoping to be ready for chooks come summer time, DH just needs to build the chook house!

  3. Your little Miss Possum looks so peaceful. Sleeping babies & children look so beautiful - I'm sure it's to remind you how amazing they are so the hard times fade away and you are ready to go again when they wake up!

  4. Isn't she cute? I love looking at babies/toddler/children sleeping.

  5. Oh so very cute - what a big girl she is becoming. There is a bed in Baden's room waiting for when I am game enough to put him in there - Amelia was in a bed buy now (her choice) but I am happy for him to stay int he cot until he is 15 - by which stage he will just be able to stand out of it LOL!

    I am hoping to get some chooks in Brisbane! I am hoping on a 4 year posting there if I go back to uni - fingers crossed.

  6. Yay for chickens! One day we'll have a chook run, just not until we manage to do the hoem ownership thing.

    That's wonderful that Miss P. managed the bed so well. Til still hasn't tried to climb over the sides so we're not worried about the whole thing yet. Nearly hurt myself laughing about Dad dressing daughter! H.I. asks me to put out the clothes before I leave on Sundays so he doesn't 'get it wrong'!


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