Friday, July 17, 2009

Exciting Stuff!

Awhile ago you may remember the hype surrounding the launch of Sewn. They had great blogs offering giveaways as part of the promotion. I was lucky enough to win one of those giveaways offered by Jess at The Crafty Librarian.

Jess was sick with the flu so by the time she made all of the above goodies, and posted it all, I have not long since received it. BOY was it all well worth the wait!!! There are pincushions, an embroidery kit, a fab tote (which I already love), a vintage knitting pattern booklet, brads, embellishments, ribbon, vintage fabric and a covered pencil box!
How lucky am I?!!!

Even longer ago, I participated in Chaletgirls Vintage Sheet swap. I thought I would include an 'in progress' photo of the quilt top I am making for Possums big bed now that she is in it!
It is a simple coin style quilt, but I love how great these vintage sheets look all together like this!

Special thanks needs to go to Dear Husband, who helped me with a lot of the cutting and sorting of these fabrics. Who knew that I would have trouble doing this myself at 36+ weeks pregnant!!
He was even nice enough to say after seeing the quilt top at this stage, that it was nicer than he thought it would be :)


  1. I agree with Dear Husband! It looks amazing! They don't even look like sheets, they look like designer fabrics!

    Great job, Becky!

  2. Oh my - what a great swap gift and LOVE LOVE LOVE the quilt -I have a heap of sheets and pillow slips here that I really should do something with!

  3. The quilt looks fantastic, well done so far. I still can't decide what to do with my swap sheets but I think you have given me a great idea.

  4. Yes, dear husband is absolutely correct! The quilt looks superb, and you've inspired me to do something similar with my vintage sheet fat quarters too!

  5. I really love that quilt, I didn't realise that vintage sheets could be so brightly coloured :)

  6. Great giveaway... and like you said, worth the wait. Now what to do with all those goodies...

    Your quilt is beautiful. And what a special think for your girl to have... something put together by her mum and dad.

  7. Oh! What an awesome little giveaway - lucky!!
    And that quilt is looking amazing. Can't wait to see it finished :-)

  8. The quilt top is looking great! I can't wait to see it completed.


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