Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Old Favourites and New Friends

With one month to go I decided it was time to pull out all the baby clothes and the Lux flakes and take stock.

So many memories in some garments, and the promise of memories in others. It is about the only time I will be emotional (in a good way) about doing the washing!

It is hard to believe that Miss Possum was small enough to wear some of these small treasures, as she now runs across the lawn kicking her ball. Also hard to believe that one small baby needs so many clothes, but I know they do!

I have reverted back to sleepy pregnant state and have not been all that 'crafty' as a result. I am doing my best to stockpile sleep but as my 100th post is only about 2 posts off I am determined to motivate myself to wake up and get some machine time in. I may even organise a giveaway if I can just think of something worth offering up...

But for now, I am off to bed as Possum just fell asleep and the house is quiet and still and I am feeling a little snoozy...


  1. That post really moved me.I love that feeling of washing in anticipation of the new arrival. I am on the other end of that at the moment and feeling a bit melancholy. My third baby is now 20mths old. How many of those tiny clothes am i really allowed to keep. It is harder than I thought to part with them, as you say each has its own memory, some even three. Enjoy the calm.

  2. Sleep! Stockpile! Rest! Now!

    Take it while you can get it!

    Love the photo. I love nesting for babies.

    I just don't like it when they come out.

    Until they turn two. Then they're fine.

  3. Gorgeous photo. As a newish mum, I am finding the whole "growing up" thing so bitter sweet. Of course I celebrate having two happy, healthy children, but I'm also sad that the months seem to pass so quickly. I guess that's life!

  4. I say STOCK PILE now while you can. I have a little man hear that I can count how many nights he has slept through on one hand. One is so easy - but having the two is so much fun. I can remember feeling all of these feelings and more just before Baden was born - I will find the link for you if you like.

  5. Ooo, not long now! Definitely going into seclusion - stock pile all the sleep you can : )I think there was some 'old friends' in the photo; made me a little wistful. Thinking of you several most days as your time gets nearer.

    You could have a birth lotto like I did, in conjunction with your 100th post!

  6. So cute! I loved doing my baby washing too!

  7. Ahh, cute! Becky, all the best if I don't catch up with you via blog! Are you busy sewing etc? I haven't sew for a long time and I'm hoping to go back into it when the baby hits 6 months.


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