Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WIP Wednesday ~ April 15th

Another WIP Wednesday and this one will be all about knitting as my sewing machine is safely tucked away while the demolition continues in my house.

You have to love knitting as it really is a portable craft that is easy to take anywhere and work on at anytime.

I was in Nundle the other day and I called in to the Nundle Woollen Mill which was full of wonderful yarn in a beautiful array of colours. DH was very proud of me as I only bought one ball of Loopy Mohair which was really quite restrained of me.

I am using the loopy to dress up the beanie pictured above by adding it to some plain Cleckheaton cream 12 ply which I have had for ages. It was such a simple beanie that it needed something to give it a lift. I had not knitted with more than one strand at a time before but was surprised by how easy it was to work the two balls at once.

I liked it that much that I decided I might as well use the leftover loopy to make a scarf to match. I have about a metre of scarf to do but it won't take long as it is only garter stitch. I am now ready for the cooler months! I was lucky as Spotlight had the Cleckheaton 12ply at 50 cents per ball so even with the Loopy it really is a cheap set to make.

Last but not least, my old trusty Tea Cosy! I actually did this awhile ago and it was the third thing I knit so I have a soft spot for it. I made it using this pattern and you may notice that theirs is a lot prettier than mine but as a beginner I didn't have a stash of leftover yarn which is why mine is very simple of colour.

I am starting to get a small stash happening so maybe I will revisit this pattern soon... If nothing else I should knit an icord to replace the plait I have securing the top, now that I know how!

The reason I am adding the Tea Cosy to this WIP Wednesday is because the Brown Owls are doing merit badges and to earn your knitting badge Pip posted a pattern of a Tea Cosy, but I hope this one will suffice!

How exciting! Hopefully I will be able to earn a few badges soon :)


  1. That mohair is gorgeous - *sigh* I wish I could knit...

  2. That Tea Cosy is gorgeous, I would be very proud to have made that as a begginer knitter, well done!!


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