Monday, April 20, 2009

On the Shelf ~ April 20

I am participating in a Reading Challenge this year with the aim of reading 100 books.

I have been a bit slack on it but do have a couple of extras to add to the list which will take my total to date to 22 books read:

21. The Red Pony ~ John Steinbeck
22. Maps for Lost Lovers ~ Nadeem Aslam

I love Steinbeck, you know there will be a twist but he still surprises you. Both terrible and beautiful this book was a wonderful find at a market stall and goes happily into our collection.

Maps for Lost Lovers is the Book Club Book I madly had to finish before the meeting, I nearly left my run too late. It is beautifully descriptive but the plot seemed to meander until the final 3rd of the book when it all started to come together.
Those of us at the Book Club meeting rated Maps for Lost Lovers as 2 stars.

Our next Book Club book is Let me sing you gentle songs by Linda Olsson. Note to self: Don't leave it to the last minute to read this one :)

If I keep reading at this rate I will end up with around 66 books for the year. Not to be sneezed at but a far cry from 100...


  1. Do books that you read to miss possum count? That is sure to give you more than your 100 quota for the year - LOL - well it is still reading isn't it!

  2. I know what you mean Kylie, I could read 100 different books, or 'The very hungry caterpillar' 100 times...

    Actually, I have probably already read that one 100 times this year :)


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