Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Block Swap Mail Out 1

The first mail out of fabric arrived the other day for Chaletgirl's block swap. As I am a beginner quilter, and novice swapper I took a few days to work up the courage to get started.

I discovered that my stash is non existant, I think of the below combinations, I only already owned two of the matched fabrics. Being rural as well I was worried about what I would find in store but I think I did fairly well.

These fabrics belong to Yarnplanner. Her fabric is a beautiful grey/green shade which I had trouble getting a good photo of. The overcast day did not help my efforts at all. Of these blocks I like all of them but am a bit unsure of the dark blue option on the bottom left...

The second lot of blocks I did are for Beth. I was nervous about her bright prints until I got started and realised what fun they were to play with. Again I am not sure of the blue here either but on the whole am happy.

I was very impressed with how neatly the seams at the back all ended. I did not have to take such care with my patchwork Santa sacks so am delighting in the neatness here.

I can't wait for the next mailout now :) I think it will be even more fun as the pressure is off with the first round now under my belt!


  1. Love, love, love my blocks!!

  2. I too was as nervous as you but you should be pleased as they all look great!

  3. You did so well! They look fantastic!


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