Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Essentials

Happy Easter Everyone :)

I had said all my gifts would be handmade this year so I made a little Chibbi Rabbit for Possum. She loves it and he has already been on a few adventures, including a swim in the dog's water dish. I am sure there will be many more happy adventures in store for him.

I do wish DH would resist the urge to chuckle whenever he sees it though :) If I were to make one of these little guys again I would lengthen his body a little so I had more room to embroider the arms, which you may notice are absent on this one. I would also use nicer fabric but decided against it this time as I had spare from my doll's quilt which I want to use where I can... Brown is the new black right?

Because my rabbit is not the best critter getting around this Easter we also bought Possum some Alphabet and Phonics Flash Cards. No chocolate for her...

Lastly, what Easter would be complete without chocolate of some kind for those of us old enough to eat it! I decided to make handmade Rocky Road bites. I love these things!! I got the recipe as part of the EB Recipe Swap from Bambaloo Girl. Because I love you all, I will include the recipe down the bottom ;)

Rocky Road Bites

250g milk choc, 40 g dark choc, 40g hazlenuts, 55g raspberry lollies quartered, 75g mini marshmallows or normal marshmallows quartered.

Break up the choc and melt in a bowl. Mix in the other ingredients. Make sure the chocolate is not too hot or it melts the marshmallow.

Drop cookie size spoonfuls of the mixture onto a large tray lined with baking paper and set in the fridge.

Store in fridge in airtight container or wrap in cellophane bags or noodle boxes as gifts.

NB: I usually double the mixture so it uses all the chocolate if I buy two cooking blocks of choc and the lollies. I also always buy the big marshmallows and chop them into quarters or smaller rather than buying the little ones.


  1. Your owl is cute! I like the no arms look ;) (besides, I don't think bunnies have arms persay...)

    Must not read that rocky road bite recipe :)

  2. I like the rabbit - Dont listen to DH (what would they know LOL)

    Thanks for the recipe for the rocky road - will have to give it a try - must it be Easter to indulge???

  3. oh that rocky road recipe sounds delish... and the bunny is cute! (followed your link from Moeder Kip and thought I'd say hi)


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