Monday, May 2, 2011

Professional Photos

I gave my children to Amanda Keeys for a photo shoot for an upcoming magazine publication.  How lucky am I to have the chance to have a professional photographer take photos of my babies!

I hope she wants to borrow the children again one day, I had a lot of fun watching Amanda work.

There are more photos here


  1. They are great Becky. I would not blame you, Amanda's work is devine:)
    You will have to let us know what magazine if they end up in there:)

  2. How gorgeous do they look. Amanda does take amazing photos!

  3. Oh what beautiful photos Becky! If she ever wants to come to Sydney and needs a couple of models, I'll offer up my two! I love professional photos - our house is full of them, the last ones I had done were when Luca was a newborn so perhaps we are due for some more soon....

  4. Gorgeous photos... love the first one with the sun behind her! People usually pay lots of money for lovely photos like that so you are a lucky girl!

  5. Becky they are gorgeous - how special to have that opportunity.

  6. The photos are stunning. i would let her borrow my children too. I am with Nic - she can borrow my two any time. I really need some more professional photos of my two.


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