Monday, May 16, 2011

Confessions of sewing failure...

I had said awhile back that my next post would be sewing related.  I even had fabric out and ready to go...  Then it all went pear shaped and I discovered a complete lack of motivation for sewing.  Perhaps I can blame the cold snap?

So, sewing was a fail, but I have been knitting!

A beanie for a friend who could not find a nice one for her little girl.  I made this pattern up and used scrap wool too.

A bedtime stocking cap for a newborn nephew.  I have been promised a photo on the baby soon, but I used teddy as a stand in when I finished so I could have a look.

This is an Amanda Keeys pattern from her book.  I have knit a lot of the patterns in this book and have liked them all.

Last but not least, a cowl for Possum.  This fits me as a less slouchy cowl so I have claimed it as my own.  perhaps I should knit Possum another as a replacement...

This was a test knit for Amanda Keeys and is not yet released, but keep an eye on her blog for it as it is a great addition to a toddler's (or my own) wardrobe.

And that has me up to date again.  Sewing is still on the agenda, but I am holding no promises at this point ;)


  1. Not a failure, just a postponement of said sewing. The knitting projects are wonderful. Of course your models are just so darn cute, including the teddy bear!

  2. :) they are all great - we are the same at the moment - I have so many things to sew and no sewjo. Maybe I should start aiming for summer sewing - there might be a chance that I get it done then!

  3. Your little possum is the cutest in that pretty blue cowl.

  4. Love the hats and the cowl - such a cute picture

  5. That cowl is something else! Wonderful.


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