Saturday, May 21, 2011

Grateful for Playtime

I had time to sit in the orchard with my camera and watch the children play.  They chased the calf, chased the dog, and chased the ball.  I am grateful that I can quietly watch them play and share in their fun, grateful that I am at home with them and this time is ours.


It is dry here.  I would also be grateful for rain.


  1. Becky, your children are SUCH cuties!

    These moments... oh my, these moments... x

  2. What gorgeous photos, beautiful moments to capture. Sometimes I wish we could just keep our children small, why do they have to grow up?

  3. We have had rain:) Will bottle some up and send it your way.

    Love the photos Becky

  4. I love these photos - particularly how you seem to have captured them almost unaware of your presence. Love the autumn vibe too.


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