Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Stuff

Blogtoberfest 2010 kicks off tomorrow and I am a bit excited about it.  I took part last year and while I did not quite manage to blog every day of October, I went close, I had fun, and I met new bloggers too.

There are a couple of new things here which I thought I would point out.  Maybe you already noticed? 

I have added some pages to the top of my blog: 
One for linking the Kid Craft activities that happen here, one to link Recipes I have shared and one as a Travel Tips place to review parks and child friendly places to stop and explore. 

I can't believe there is a book to help people travel with pets, but not children!  We are on the road a lot and it is always good to know if there is a good park ahead to plan good breaks for the kids.  There is nothing under that tab today, but tomorrow there will be!

Maybe you have a great park near you and would like to do a guest post? 
Let me know, it would be very welcome!


  1. I will guest post for you:) Sign me up (well give me a week or two to go and get a few good pictures:)

    Maybe we should get our heads together and right said book - between the two of us we could cover the east coast and Darwin:)

  2. Becky, my DH has JUST finished an iPhone app (a free one) for finding playparks in Australia (and NZ but not much data there yet).

    The problem is always getting the data on, I'll point him at your posts to add data if that's OK.

    It's a great idea, there's lots of parks around us but it's much more difficult when you are travelling.


Thank you for your welcome comments.