Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Car Craft

Possum and her 'on camera' smile!

When you have a big drive ahead of you it is a good idea to prepare some form of craft to take along for the ride.  I have had Shellee Floyd's Cap Sleeve Shirt pattern here for awhile but had never got around to casting on.  It seemed like a great and easy choice for in the car.

I finished this one, a small size, and the better part of another in the next size up on the return trip.  It is such a great knit and I was happy to cast on another moments after finishing the first one.  I won't blog the second until I have finished it, I had better keep something up my sleeve for Blogtoberfest :)


  1. I am so jealous! I never get the opportunity to craft in the car because I get car sickness as soon as I look away from the road. Looks great on miss possum :)

  2. Its gorgeous and I agree, the perfect car craft.
    I am still deciding about Blogtoberfest.

  3. Oh yes, packing my car-craft for a trip to Sydney, finally, my husband is home & i don't have to drive. My children also sew in the car, bless them. Love Posie

  4. it's gorgeous. Perfect for this change-of-season time

  5. Lovely! Very nice car craft there, although I did think the post was for me ;)
    I'll be joining you for blogtoberfest again :D already got some ideas up my sleeve!!!

  6. Oh well done - it looks great:) How cute is she and her smile:)


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