Friday, September 10, 2010

I love Buttons!

These buttons are just too cute!

They are handmade by Jo at The Bird & The Fish and she does a wonderful job.

I bought some for Possum, some for Blue, and some for me.  I don't know what special project they will be used for but it does not matter, I will be ready when I find it!

I was very excited when I checked into Jo's blog today and discovered she was running a button club over the next three months!  There are options too, girl club buttons, boy club buttons, unisex club buttons and a brooch club as well.  Something for everyone :)

I signed up for the brooch club and I am a tad excited about it!  They would make great Christmas gift ideas too, but I know I won't want to give any away so maybe I should put my name down for two spots...


  1. Just gorgeous!!! I love buttons and those farm ones are just the cutest...

    Cheers - Jodie :)


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