Monday, May 31, 2010

Rainy Day Activities for Mum

With all the rain we have had it has been perfect sit inside and knit kind of weather.

I made the flour sack hat for my nephews birthday, but I think I will have to keep this one, it is too cute, and perhaps too small so I will cast on another one slightly larger.  This knit up in a day so I should have time to get another one made and in the post...

I also made this Eden's Adam vest for Possum. 
I used my handspun which was a wonderful feeling :)  This is a super quick and easy knit by Aussie designer Georgie Hallam aka Tikki.  This is the second time I have knit this pattern and I really like it.  I will be knitting this again, and again!

I hope you have found a fun way to pass your time during this welcome rain we have been getting :)


  1. Gorgeous vest and model ;)

  2. No rain here on Sunday - but love what you got done - I am almost finished with my I Knit Brisbane things - and looking forward to getting a few things on the needles.

    I love the handspun - well done:)

  3. Beautiful! Id keep the hat too ;)
    it looks so cute on her!

    Nic xxx

  4. Your handspun looks gorgeous in that vest! And the hat is very cute, too :-)

  5. I second what Car said! Love the hat too!

  6. I am a handspun fan thru and thru ... Love the handspun, the vest looks delightful on her :)


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