Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Creative Space ~ Shopping

My Creative Space looks like a bomb hit it.  I can't find half the things I need and as a result my creativity is....missing...

But it is ok, I have plans to clean up (one of these days) and until then I have cool things found and purchased to show off.

I was in the right place at the right time when a man carried this suitcase into the op-shop and dropped it off right in front of me.  $4 later I had walked out with it happy dancing all the way to the car :)

At a local Church fair last weekend I picked up this phone for $2.  Possum has had a lot of fun playing with it and we have had fun listening to her one sided conversations.

'Ring Ring, hello, are there any boys there?'

Chasing boys already it would seem!

At the same Church fair I found this Memory game complete with ALL the memory cards.  Another $2 bargain which I have put away until the children here are a tad older.

Right, I am off to clean up...

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  1. arghhh!!! score, that's for sure!
    i am a little obsessed with..ahemmm, suitcases :)

  2. Fabulous buys Becky! Wish we had such good op shopping where we are! Love the suitcase and great find with the game!

  3. That suitcase is divine!

    As for your bomb space, mine looked like that too after my past week. I just got to cleaning it up today while the kids were down. I love working in a clean space!

  4. Lovin' the suitcase. Yay for you! In regards to the memory game I got rather a shock when a speech therapist used one of those games with my son - he'd only just turned three - she worked it so that they were just playing with ten cards (five pairs) but I was amazed at how he enjoyed it and got the hang of it so quickly. Just letting you know because if I hadn't seen it I think I would have waited until he was much older.

  5. The suitcase! Great find! Lucky you!!

  6. Don't you just love the bit when you have the skip in your step all the way home after brilliant shopping finds?!?

    I'd keep tabs on those boys if I were you.

  7. That suitcase is fabulous. Rarely do you find them in such good condition, let alone for such a bargain. well done you!

  8. Wow you scored really well.
    My parents have one of those phones and my kids love it - my older nieces were alarmed though
    "What did you do if you dialled a wrong number part way through??"
    "Umm... start again".
    Made me feel old(er)!


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