Monday, March 1, 2010

More knitting

I am going to have to dig out the sewing machine for fear of this turning into a knitting only blog!

I am really proud of this little hat for the boy.  I knit it using my first homespun and it looks pretty good.

This roll brimmed hat is now the third pattern I have knit from this book, which is now a bit of a favourite with me.  I already have my eye on the pattern I am going to cast on next from here :)

I also finished the Textured Scarf I have been working on
Nice to be able to mark a few works in progress as complete! 

 Now to move onto the Avita top I have been hibernating for ages that I am starting to worry about the size of for Possum, she is growing faster than I am knitting this...


  1. No - dont stop knitting - I have been enjoying watching all of the things that you have been making and in LOVE with your homespun:)

    You will get back to the sewing machine - I am actually thrilled that I have been going one for one so far this year - I am lovng being back at the sewing machine.

  2. Your homespun has come up fantastically! And no, don't stop knitting! It's just turning into proper knitting weather anyway, so you can't stop now ;-)

    Oh, and you've got autumn leaves already?!? I really wish I was back in New England right now....

  3. Gorgeous hat, gorgeous boy Becky. You did a great job making them both!


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