Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Hard...

To get good photos of the children :(

They will not smile...

They move...

They Spit...

The focus is a bit soft (my fault)...

At least this one turned out well enough!


  1. tell me about it!!!
    ... and to get them both in the same shot - well you need a miracle for that.
    Loving yours though - even with a very thoughtful and serious face.

  2. Oh they are so beautiful and gorgeous photos ;)

  3. They looks so cute and adorable so you can take heaps of photos of them and share it with us :)

  4. ..but those pics are so very cute!!
    my 4yr old can't even act natural anymore, she overposes!!
    when the are little they just do what they do & it's so adorable.

  5. They are a lovely bunch of photos - I have come to the undersanding that I will not get a nice picture of my two untill there wedding day:)


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