Saturday, January 7, 2012

Linen Cupboards

One day I will have a whole wall of built in linen cupboards.  I even have a suitable wall, but given the floor needs re-doing first I bought these wardrobes cheaply to fill the void.  It was actually a three piece set, two double door cupboards (one of which is not in this photo) and a narrower cupboard with draws.  The makers mark tells me they were made in 1964 in Maitland, I forget the company and will pass on pulling one out to double check.

Neither bigger cupboard had any shelves so the Mr very carefully put some in for me so I could use them for linens.  He also added some magnetic closures so I didn't have to key lock them closed each time.  All three cupboards are neat and organised and I now have all the linen out of the second pantry which gives me a lot more space for pantry stockers.

Don't you love the old suitcases and hat boxes?  I do!  They were gifted from the Mr's parents and they are being used as storage too.  I have others throughout the house, I love them all a lot.  You might also notice the lack of cornice and bare plasterboard.  We are slow renovators at best on this house.  I love that there is no rush to finish this one.

One day, when my linen cupboard goes in, I plan on using these for fabric and yarn storage; there is plenty of room for patterns and bibs and bobs too.  I can't wait!


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