Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Holiday End

The Mr is back at work but that is ok.  We are still finding time for fun stuff, like feeding the fruit from the orchard to the pigs and swimming in the creek.

I have one more assignment due before I am finished Summer Semester, but that is ok too.  I still feel relaxed and happy and am smiling about the good stuff and ignoring the bad stuff; the broken washing machine*, the sore tooth, needing a new ram.  That stuff will sort itself out and will be forgotten, unlike the memories we are making here for the children and ourselves.

* Washing machine is fixed just one day after I put in the service call.  
Things are looking up again already!


  1. Lovely pics - assume you're all about minimisng washing?

  2. OMG! The first photo is too cute for words - that one needs to be framed for sure

  3. What's wrong with your ram? You haven't had him long! (brad)

  4. Those two are too cute:) Live in the moment - everthing else will fix itself:) (with a little help:)


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